St James the Less Catholic Church Baltimore Maryland Marriages 1834-1874


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St James the Less Catholic Church Baltimore Maryland Marriages 1834-1874 by T. Ridgeway Trimble.

The original St. James the Less Roman Catholic Church (also known as St. James) was consecrated in 1834. It was located on the corner of Eager and Asquith Streets in Baltimore. It first served English-speaking congregants, but in 1840 those parishioners moved to other Catholic parishes. The Redemptorists, a missionary order, were called upon to minister to the growing population of Baltimore’s German-speaking immigrants.  The Archbishop, Samuel Eccleston, stipulated that they could use St. James the Less as their church. At that time, there was only one other Baltimore Roman Catholic church, St. John the Evangelist, that conducted services in German. This small, frame church was razed in 1841 and the Redemptorists replaced it with larger edifice, St. Alphonsus. When St. Alphonsus Church opened its doors in 1845, St. James was closed for three years of renovations. During this period the German speaking St. James’ parishioners would, most likely, have attended services at St. Alphonsus until St. James the Less Church reopened its doors in 1847. In 1852 the Redemptorists consecrated St. Michael’s Church, and Baltimore now had three churches in which services were conducted in German. In 1867 the “old” St. James the Less was replaced with a Romanesque style church, designed by George Frederick, with seating for 1800 people. In 1966, the nearby St. John the Evangelist Church (not to be confused with a church with a similar name razed in 1841) merged with St. James, and St. James was renamed St. James and St. John Church. A Final Mass was held in 1986 on March 16 and the Church was sold that same year.

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