Prince Georges County Maryland Land Records 1767-1769


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Prince Georges County Maryland Land Records 1767-1769 by Michael R. Marshall contains detailed abstracts of all 561 documents in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Land Records Book BB 2 recorded during the period of March 1767 through August 1769.  Page 453 is missing from the original liber.

This volume includes land transactions, bills of sale, powers of attorney, registration of brands, certificates of estray (stray horses), marriage contracts, and more. Many of the persons listed lived outside of Prince George’s County–some in surrounding counties.

Land records are one of the best record groups for researching your family history. Sometimes deeds contain information about three generations of land ownership. You can also trace family relationships by the names of the land parcels in Maryland.

2017, paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, 214 pp.


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