Historical Sketches of Harford County, Maryland, 2nd Edition

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This work offers a series of sketches about Harford County, its activities and industries: Exploration and Early Settlers, Frontier Forts and Border Troubles, Iron Furnaces and Forges, Grist Mills and Other Mills, Conowingo Bridge, Shure’s Landing, Iron Forges, and much more.

Historical Sketches of Harford County, Maryland, 2nd Edition  – Samuel Mason Jr. This work offers a series of sketches about Harford County, its activities and industries.

Part One examines: Exploration and Early Settlers: Captain John Smith, Palmers Island, William Claiborne, Spesutia Island, Lapidum, Baltimore on Bush, Old Joppa, Harford Town, Bel Air; Frontier Forts and Border Troubles: Bald Friar, Mason and Dixon’s Line, Border Troubles, Frontier Forts, Indians and Settlement, Soapstone Bowls, Indian Shell Heaps in Harford County, Game, New Roads, Colonel Nathan Rigbie; Iron Furnaces and Forges: Forges and Furnaces, Iron Furnaces, Iron Forges, Charcoal Burning, Cumberland Forge, Rock Forge; Grist Mills and Other Mills: Rock Run Mill, Stafford Grist Mill, Stafford Bark Mill, Stafford Flint Mill, Samuel and Randal Wallis Mill, Wilsons Mill, Deerdale Mill, Nobles Mill, Glasgow Mill, Bennetts Mill, Flint Mills, Trenton Flint and Spar Co., Flint Mill of H. Clay Whiteford, Husbands Mill, Conowingo Flint Mill, Lime Kilns, Paper Mill; Unrelated Sketches: Gover Seminary, Fisheries on the Susquehanna, Fish Wagons, Monastery at Priests Ford, Trappe Church, Rock Run Church, Ferries Over the Susquehanna, Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal, Lumber Industry on Lower Susquehanna, Cookville, Brüningers Tan Yard, Reynolds Tract, Elephant at Hotel, Morse Sawmill, Headless Ghost (Harry), Historic Conowingo (Jones), Underground Railway, and Indian Contemporaries.

Part Two includes: Chapter I: Conowingo Bridge, Berkley Store, Berkley Blacksmith Shop, Massey Farm, Cucumber Pump, Malaria, Squirrels and Other Animals; Chapter II: Threshing, Shure’s Landing, The Ice House, Our Colored Neighbors, Swimming at Glen Cove, Snakes, Tortoises, Turtles, Cattle Driving; Chapter III: The Winter Scene, The “Towpath Tea House,” History of Our Railroads, A Trip on the “Ma and Pa,” Havre de Grace and the National Capitol, and Iron Forges.

A dozen illustrations enhance the text. (1955), 2016, 5½x8½, paper, 204 pp.


ISBN: 0788437801


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