FamilyTree Webinars Free Weekend of Genealogy Education

Tomorrow, Friday, April 14, FamilyTree Webinars will air their 500th webinar! To celebrate this special occasion, is unlocking the membership key of the Webinar Library. This is the first time all 500 webinars will be free to view! All you need to do is visit the website. You can browse or search for […]

Researching Family in Pennsylvania Genealogy Course

Researching Family in Pennsylvania is a week-long genealogy course in Philadelphia from 31 July through 4 August 2017. If you have family in Pennsylvania, this course should be of great interest. Some of the top genealogists in the area will be teaching more than twenty different lectures about Pennsylvania records and research. Patrick Spero, Librarian of […]

Another Round of Genealogical Assumptions

Welcome to another round of genealogical assumptions. You know about those pesky assumptions–when you assume something in your genealogy research. If that assumption is not correct, it can cause blight to your family tree. Assumption 1: The executor or administrator of an estate is always a relative. James Swann died in 1806 without a will. […]

Virginia Legislative Petitions

Virginia legislative petitions have been digitized and are available on the Library of Virginia website. These petitions to the General Assembly were responsible for legislation in Virginia’s commonwealth from 1776 until 1865. Petitions may contain hundreds of signatures and can be used for pinpointing a person’s location at a given time in history. Additional information […]

DNA and Non-Paternity Event in Genealogy

DNA is rapidly becoming one of the tools we use in genealogy research. Sometimes we encounter a non-paternity event in genealogy. There are many terms for this issue—misattributed paternity, false paternity, paternal discrepancy, new surname event, and surname switch, to name a few. In genetic genealogy, a non-paternity event describes any event which has caused […]

Virginia Genealogy

If you are working on Virginia genealogy, Colonial Roots has a lot to offer you. Last year, we purchased The Antient Press which added over 500 books containing abstracted records for the following counties: Albemarle County Amherst County Augusta County Caroline County Culpeper County Essex County Fairfax County Fauquier County Fredericksburg City Goochland County Hanover […]

Chancery Court Records – A Genealogist’s Friend

Chancery Court records can be a genealogist’s best friend. They often contain wonderful nuggets of genealogical information. However, chancery court records are often overlooked by genealogists. Unlike civil court or criminal court, these valuable records can tell amazing stories. There are several types of courts, and each court handles different types of cases. Chancery Court […]