Virtual Genealogy Education – Upcoming Courses

Virtual genealogy education is a fantastic way to gain experience and improve your genealogy education. If traveling is difficult for you or you simply cannot get away for a 5-day institute, you might want to look into the courses offered by the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research (VIGR). Michael Hait, Certified Genealogist and a director […]

Free Pennsylvania Research Resources until 23 May 2017

If you have Pennsylvania ancestors, you will be interested in almost a week of free Pennsylvania research resources at, the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS). You will need to register for a guest account, but then you can research Pennsylvania resources to your heart’s content until 23 May 2017. The first […]

How to Find Your Ancestors in Military Records

Do you know how to find your ancestors in military records? Most military records can be easily accessed on Finding military records is not too difficult, but knowing which military records may contain your ancestor can be daunting for some. Here is a handy little reference to help you determine IF an ancestor could have […]

How to Contact DNA Matches

Apparently, there are quite a few people who do not know or understand how to contact DNA matches. In case you have not noticed recently, DNA testing is exploding in popularity and the major players in the business are cranking out DNA test results at a frantic place. Maybe you are one of those who […]

The Laws of Genealogy

You may not have realized there are laws of genealogy. Just like many other disciplines, like physics to name one, there are laws—not legalities, but more like principles. We do not need to abide by these laws of genealogy, but we do need to be aware of them. Here are some of the laws of […]

FamilyTree Webinars Free Weekend of Genealogy Education

Tomorrow, Friday, April 14, FamilyTree Webinars will air their 500th webinar! To celebrate this special occasion, is unlocking the membership key of the Webinar Library. This is the first time all 500 webinars will be free to view! All you need to do is visit the website. You can browse or search for […]